Alessi is one of the great Italian design factories, founded in 1921 in Crusinallo, Italy. The company has consistently been a provocateur in the redefinition of ordinary house objects. 

Alessi is responsible for some of the most recognisable designs of the 20th-21st centuries, working with the leading designers and architects and standing out for the high quality of its products. The company has a strong bond with the traditions and cultural background of its area. All the items made of metal are still manufactured at the Headquarters in Crusinallo, in north Italy. Alessi is today considered a research workshop in the field of applied arts whose inherent attitude, whilst relying on contemporary industrial technology and processing equipment, is strongly rooted in hand crafted culture.

Alessi is Cultural-Agenda's longest-standing client.

A true design work must move people, convey emotions, bring back memories, surprise, and go against
— Alberto Alessi

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