Hästens has a rich history of craftsmanship running back through six generations. The company started in 1852 as master saddlers in a time where saddlers also made furniture. As the need for the profession declined when the car grew in prominence, Hästens turned its hand to creating the world’s most luxurious beds, leading to its appointment as Royal Purveyors of the Swedish Court.

Today, Hästens continues to build upon this Spirit of Excellence, crafting beds, bed linen and accessories with passion and skill. Using only natural materials, including traditional horsehair, each and every one of its beds is made by hand in its atelier in Köping, Sweden.

On a mission to spread its message of healthy sleep across the world, Hästens’ beds are designed to make its clients feel awake for the very first time in their lives, and to understand the impact of healthy sleep on the body and mind.