Nigel Coates is a provocative designer of architecture, spaces and furniture. His HQ in Bloomsbury combines an architectural laboratory, a furniture design studio and gallery. 

His product designs have been produced by renowned international brands including Gebrüder Thonet Vienna, Fornasetti, Slamp and Alessi while his architectural designs include the much-lauded Wall in Tokyo, the Hubs in Sheffield and the Geffrye Museum in London.

Many architectural exhibitions include Nigels's works such as Ecstacity at the Architectural Association, Mixtacity at Tate Modern and Picaresque at the Triennale Design Museum. A prolific writer, he has written a number of books including Guide to Ecstacity and Narrative Architecture.

Nigel is Professor Emeritus at the Royal College of Art in London and is Chair of the Academic Court at the newly founded London School of Architecture.

An object should seduce you, and all the more when you use it
— Nigel Coates

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